Our Company History

We empower customers to take control of their vehicles

Our Company History

Derive Systems is comprised of three dynamic automotive technology brands that focus on empowering customers to take control of their vehicles. Bully Dog, SCT Performance, and Derive VQ have long histories of developing customized solutions, including over two million successful software installations.

Bully Dog began in 1998 as an enthusiast business focused on improving diesel engine performance. Bully Dog is at the forefront of performance ECU calibration technology for gas and diesel vehicles looking to add performance, tackle challenging terrain, haul heavy payloads, or tow trailers over long distances. Easy installation using one of our advanced handheld programmers means quick, out-of-the-box access to better performance, added safety, and improved fuel economy.

SCT Performance started in 2003, born of a team's passion & expertise that cut their teeth in performance shops, racing, vehicle calibration, performance parts manufacturing, and aftermarket tuning. SCT believes that customized performance is a key part of drivers' optimizing their rides. Our team of engineers works hard every day to make advances in supported vehicles, off the shelf preloaded tuning, custom tuning, and dealer support – enabling SCT tuning solutions to surpass customer expectations and demands continually.

Derive has been dedicated to revolutionizing fleet management since 2010. As a leading automotive technology company, we understand how to optimize fleet management systems. By pairing our expertise with cutting-edge technology, we developed software solutions designed to transform vehicle experiences from a one-size-fits-all to dynamically adaptable and mission-specific.

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