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About Derive Systems

Creating solutions to optimize vehicle performance and fleet profitability.

As a leading automotive technology company, Derive Systems empowers customers to take control of their vehicles. Through over two million software installations, we safely and reliably optimize vehicle performance, fuel efficiently, safety, and more.
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Derive VQ Platform
Derive VQ Platform

Derive VQ® Platform

Three Solutions, One Platform

Combining telematics, calibration, and Active Vehicle Management into one cutting-edge vehicle-centric solution, Derive VQ® transitions fleets to managing their vehicles rather than their drivers, to increase profitability, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
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Industries we Serve

Customized solutions

Fleet management is not one-size-fits all. With deep expertise in a variety of industries, the Derive Systems team has built customized software solutions that can be tailored to the intricacies and challenges of each industry.
  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    Derive ensures a safe work environment throughout the seasons, for both drivers and nearby field workers.

  • Field Services
    Field Services

    Derive empowers fleet managers to keep acceleration conservative and tailor the route being driven to the current environment.

  • Construction

    Derive optimizes power when payloads require it, while continually saving fuel through idle settings.

  • Telecommunications

    Derive solutions can provide the power to deliver on a vehicle’s mission without over-taxing fuel usage.

  • Law Enforcement
    Law Enforcement

    Derive improves the driving experience for the officer while decreasing costs for the fleet manager.

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Transform Your Entire Fleet with Engine Calibration
September 18, 2020

Transform Your Entire Fleet with Engine Calibration

Vehicles are mass-produced to function for a wide variety of potential buyers and uses. Fleets, on the other hand, are not one-size-fits-all. Fleet vehicles are used to accomplish an array of tasks that can vary from fleet to fleet and even from project to project. When fleet vehicles are purchased, c...
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