VQ Safety

Remove the need for driver behavior modifications

Achieve more efficient, sustainable, and safe vehicle fleet management with VQ Safety.
By leveraging software optimizations, VQ Safety allows fleet management personnel to implement Automated Driver Assignment, Distracted Driving Prevention Cell Blocking, and Seatbelt Compliance features to completely remove the need for driver behavior modification in these core areas.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Know who's driving

Automated Driver Assignment

The management of knowing which driver is in which vehicle for every single trip is a manual and time consuming process. Rather than relying on key fobs that could lead to potentially inaccurate data and tracking, Automated Driver Assignment automates the process.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Curb distractions

Distracted Driving Prevention Call Blocking

Distracted driving is a growing scourge on the roadways. To limit driver distractions, Distracted Driving Prevention Cell Blocking pairs the phone with the vehicle to empower the vehicle to lock down the phone once any driving gear — forward or reverse — is engaged.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Guarantee safety

Seatbelt Compliance

Seatbelt Compliance ties seatbelt use to the ability of the vehicle to shift out of park. Ensuring that drivers will no longer be able to move their vehicle without the seatbelt being properly fastened.

VQ Safety Full Features

By combining the power of telematics, calibrations, and AVM, you have complete visibility into your fleet's operations and automated optimizations take the guesswork out of data analysis. Take control of your fleet by selecting the right technology mix and maximizing the results:

  1. Improve vehicle safety
  2. Reduce risky drive behaviors
  3. Automate safety compliance for every single trip

How it Works

Streamline fleet productivity

Set vehicle parameters that will allow you remove the need to focus on driver behavior modifications to increase the profitability of your fleet.
Assess Data
Assess Data

Review existing vehicle performance data and incident reports.

Select Parameters
Select Parameters

Determine which solutions align with the needs of your fleet and company.

Install Solutions
Install Solutions

Leverage software optimization to install selected solutions.


When you are able to shift the responsibility of fleet productivity from the driver to the vehicle, you will be able to ensure profitability, regardless of who is driving the vehicle.

  • Fuel Efficiency
    Fuel Efficiency

    By understanding fuel usage, driving habits, and vehicle usage, you can make appropriate adjustments to improve your fleet’s fuel economy.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Removing cell phone distractions and requiring seat belts helps to ensure your drivers are not engaging in risky behavior.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Make real-time adjustments to vehicles to improve fleet performance on the spot, shifting the responsibility from the driver to the vehicle.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Shifting away from driver change management allows you to stop monitoring and correcting driver behavior and focus on increasing overall vehicle fleet management.

Derive VQ® Platform

Customize Your Fleet
Management Solutions

As a fully customizable platform, with Derive VQ® you can build a tailored fleet management software solution designed to meet any of your fleet and company goals.
VQ PRODUCT SOLUTIONS VQ Efficiency VQ Safety VQ Telematics Enterprise
Idle Reduction Checkmark Checkmark
Eco Adjustments Checkmark Checkmark
Speed Governor Checkmark Checkmark
Real-Time Data Checkmark Checkmark
Shift Responsibility Checkmark Checkmark
Spireon FleetLocate Checkmark Checkmark
Automated Driver Assignment Checkmark Checkmark
Cell Blocking Checkmark Checkmark
Seatbelt Compliance Checkmark Checkmark

Customize Your Solutions

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