September 2019 fleet news roundup

We’ve officially moved into the fall season and that means it’s time to start planning for winter operations and getting our fleet ready for the new year. In September, we saw a lot of fleet news and stories covering safety, planning for 2020, and vehicle innovations and 2020 model reviews. In case you missed them, here are our picks for the top five articles in fleet news for September.

How to deal with high-risk drivers

Read up on the five steps you need to take with risky drivers in your fleet to keep drivers safe on the road and reduce accidents.

9 secrets of successful fleet safety programs

Make 2020 the year of safety in your fleet by following these secrets to creating a successful fleet safety program.

10 ways to future-proof your fleet

Think beyond 2020 as you develop your yearly strategies for improving and optimizing your fleet. There are many steps you can take now to better prepare your fleet for the future!

Improving your communication with dealer service locations to reduce downtime

Learn the keys to good communication with a service provider to keep your vehicles in perfect working order and keep your fleet on schedule.

Infographic: Fleet safety

According to Automotive Fleet, the annual accident rate for commercial fleets is 20%! Learn how to bring your fleet’s accident rate down by identifying risky driver behaviors and five steps to improve your fleet’s safety.

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