May 2019 fleet news roundup

May brings to mind preparing for summer operations, fuel costs and fuel efficiency, and safety, and the news had some good coverage on these. In case you missed them, here are our picks for the top five articles in fleet news for May.

5 best practices for fleet managers to reduce fuel spend

Reduce your fleet’s fuel costs this summer with these five best practices and easy changes to fleet operations. From driver behavior to routine maintenance, these tips can help your fleet save money.

Coach your drivers to better MPG

Drivers have the biggest impact on fuel economy in fleets and things like speeding and idling can burn through fuel faster than fleet managers would like. Review these six driving tips and six maintenance tips to get the most out of each fill up and improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Tips to help fleets with ELDs prepare for Roadcheck 2019

Go into Roadcheck 2019 prepared with these top five tips to ensure your fleet’s in compliance with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate.

Fleet safety’s focus on policy and technology

Find the perfect marriage between policy and technology to improve your fleet’s safety. From a strict no cellphone use policy to relying on speed governor tech, one fleet is putting safety at the forefront of their operations.

Future of fleet: Telematics and autonomous vehicles

We’ve still got a few years to go before fully autonomous vehicles are taking over the road, but that doesn’t mean fleets have to miss out on technological advancements while we wait. Learn more about Active Vehicle Management and see what automated results fleets can benefit from today.

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