June 2019 fleet news roundup

Summer is fully upon us and that means many of us are working for the weekend and ready to spend time outdoors with family and friends, instead of keeping our focus on our jobs or on the road. In June, we saw a lot of stories on how to keep your drivers safe on the road and how to improve policies and procedures in your fleet. In case you missed them, here are our picks for the top five articles in fleet news for June.

How to use telematics data to improve your fleet’s safety culture

From distracted driving to poor maintenance, there are a few risks for your drivers in your fleet. Check out these five ways you can use telematics to improve your fleet’s safety culture.  

9 traps to avoid in policy writing

Your fleet needs well-written policies, but to do so you’ll need input from a variety of sources, you’ll need to know how you’ll enforce it, and when to review it for updates. Learn nine things not to do when drafting fleet policies.

5 ways GPS tracking can benefit your business

Encourage accountability, improve communication across your organization, and save on fuel spend by implementing GPS tracking in your fleet.

How to put the brakes on distracted driving in your fleet

Find out if your drivers are guilty of any of the seven common distracted driving behaviors, and learn how to put a stop to it within your fleet.

Drivers recognize dangerous behaviors, engage anyway

Drivers are recognizing risks with certain behaviors but still doing them, even on the job. See the shocking results of a study by AAA Foundation.

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