Improve summer productivity in your fleet

School may be out for summer, but the working world has to keep performing, no matter the season. Between holidays, family vacations, and the longer days, it can be hard for any business to keep productivity at its peak in the summer.

But, there are some easy processes and changes fleet managers can make in the summertime to keep productivity and employee satisfaction up.

Learn five things you can do within your fleet’s operations to keep things business as usual.

5 ways to improve productivity in your fleet this summer

1. Use telematics

One of the easiest ways to keep productivity up is to know what your baseline is. How can you know if productivity is dropping if you haven’t tracked it? Telematics data is invaluable to fleet operations and making sure employees are productive, and safe, on the job.

By knowing the baseline productivity you can expect from your employees, you can set smarter and accomplishable goals based on seasonal changes. 

With your telematics system you can set more efficient routes, particularly around construction zones, know where your vehicles are and how long they’re idling on the job, and enjoy more visibility in the day-to-day operations of your drivers.

2. Invest in AVM

Active Vehicle Management (AVM) allows you to take the data you’ve gleaned from telematics and turn it into real results. AVM redirects the power behind driver behavior from the driver to the vehicle itself by optimizing its engine’s software and functionality.

One of three ways you can apply Active Vehicle Management to meet your productivity goals is through calibrating your engine for idle RPM reduction to improve fuel efficiency reducing how many trips to fuel up your drivers take, lessening the wear and tear on the engine, and it doesn’t impact the vehicle’s other functions, so drivers can still run A/C  to keep cool. Plus, you’ll enjoy the fuel cost savings.

A second option is to install speed limiters in your fleet vehicles. Not only does this keep your drivers safe and within the speed limit, it can help reduce accidents, time out on injury, and downtime for vehicle repairs. By knowing their vehicles are limited to the posted speed limit, they’re more likely to stay on task when they can’t rely on speeding to their next job site.

Finally, invest in automotive technology that disables cell phone use to keep drivers’ attention on the road and on the job at hand. At Derive, we have Distracted Driver Prevention™ that only allows drivers to use the Derive app with built-in navigation so they can’t check emails, make calls, or text while their vehicle is in motion. Similar to speed limiters, this keeps your drivers and others on the road safe and keeps their attention where it needs to be.

3. Maintain assets

One important way to make sure employees can be productive is to make sure their tools and vehicles are properly maintained and in good working condition. With the warmer temperatures in summer, routine maintenance and regular servicing is essential to keep engines from overheating, brake pads from wearing out, and keeping tires inflated at the proper level.

Not only can this help keep everyone on schedule, it can also extend the lifecycle of your vehicles and reduce the risk of failure or breakdown on the road.

4. Cross-train employees

Empower employees to learn new skills and jobs and do different tasks to keep productivity up when other team members are out on vacation or so they’re able to help out where needed.

Cross-training ensures your fleet is always performing its best as multiple people can take on tasks outside their normal work duties. It also boosts employee satisfaction through growing your employees’ skillsets and the ability to take on different roles in the future.

5. Reward employees

At this year’s Government Fleet Expo & Conference there was a great session on incentivizing employees, which saved the City of Baltimore $400,000 in a six-month pilot, but also improved productivity and employee happiness. The key takeaway was that rewarding drivers can produce better results than punishing them and when the rewards are tangible, the bad behaviors seem to drop off the map.

From employee of the month programs, spot awards (quick incentives for on-the-job good behavior, to rewards for meeting or exceeding goals in a specific time period, there are many ways to make your employees feel valued, appreciated, and ready to give 100% when on the clock.

One final note to make sure your fleet meets its productivity goals is to have open communication with your employees. What would help them keep productivity up this summer? What motivates them? What initiative is important to them?

If drivers feel their voices are heard and taken into consideration with operational changes, they’ll be more likely to adapt and champion the change, instead of resisting and bringing their productivity down.

Interested in engine calibrations, speed limiters for fleets, or Distracted Driver Prevention™? Contact us to learn more about our solutions for your fleet!