Highlights from the 2019 Field Service USA event

The 2019 Field Service USA conference kicked off on Monday, April 22 with pre-conference events and then shifted into gear with fantastic educational sessions for field service and fleet professionals.  

Each day of the conference focused on big themes and trends in the industry, like: 

  • The people, processes, and technology to remain competitive in tomorrow’s evolving service environment 
  • Leveraging IoT, big data, and AI to move towards preemptive service and achieve customer business outcomes 
  • Increasing revenue with new service offerings and knowing what your customer wants 

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing the speakers share their industry insight and knowledge. Derive’s own CTO, Marco Della Torre, presented on day two of the conference: The Past, Present, and Future of Telematics and Autonomous Vehicle Features. In his presentation, he covered safety and cost efficiency for fleets, the smart device revolution, and how to put your telematics data into action with active vehicle management.  

Marco wasn't the only one from Derive enjoying the attention at the conference. We also had a ride and drive demo so attendees could test out our active vehicle management solutions for themselves. 

9 key takeaways and trending topics we enjoyed learning more about at Field Service USA included: 

  • Mobile connectivity: How field service professionals and fleet managers are optimizing schedules, connecting systems, and optimizing communications platforms for productivity, speed, and customer success. There was an emphasis on streamlining communications between dispatch and technicians and managing all that information in a central dashboard. 
  • Automation in the workforce: In today’s working world, we’re always-on and always-connected. We thought this takeaway also applied to auto tech with proactive solutions and automated diagnostic information.   
  • Happy employees: The engagement and retention of remote employees was a big topic this year, and sharing advice on how remote workers can contribute, understand the big picture, act as part of a team, avoid isolation, and feel a sense of satisfaction in their work. 
  • Safety initiatives: Creating a culture that embraces safety, investing in the right tools, and learning how to leverage your telematics data into actionable safety practices. 
  • Optimizing resources: Many sessions covered how to get the most out of your resources and business tools, using agile tech, and keeping data integrity intact. There was a great session that talked about how great tools plus poor adoption equals poor results and overcoming the challenges of today’s tech.  
  • Constant change in field serviceWith new technology, change is the only constant in field service and those that embrace it and adopt early can see better results.  
  • Reactive to predictive operationsSimilar to the point above, many businesses are adapting to changing their operations from reactive to predictive – something we definitely see in the fleet space with telematics data and predictive vehicle maintenance. 
  • Data collection and analysis: Some sessions focused on tips for collecting the right data, and then what you need to do with it to improve operations.  
  • 7 leadership traits from a Navy Seal: This session by Chad Williams was very interesting as he shared seven traits leaders need to possess, including a few like the desire to succeed, overcome adversity, earn it every day, and finding your ultimate motivation 

We had a great time at Field Service USA and loved the opportunity to show off Derive’s active vehicle management technology in action. We hope to see you next year. 

Want to continue your education? Join us for our free webinar on May 29 at 11 a.m. PDT on “Making the Upgrade: How to Optimize Telematics Software.” Register online!