For the Luv of Maintenance, Southwest teams up with Derive Efficiency

Derive Systems, an automotive engine software developer, recently collaborated with Southwest Airlines to focus on a request for their Ground Services Equipment operations.

Southwest Airlines identified a challenge in maintaining the operational “up time” and ultimately extending the asset life of their Ford 6.8L V10-powered trucks. Specifically, they were encountering repeated occurrences of engine failures based upon insufficient engine oiling that was exacerbated by extremely high idle usage (>80% of the time) required to accomplish their day-to-day tasks – they needed a simple cost-effective solution. In their search for technology that was capable and up to the task, SWA aggressively researched and ultimately landed on one when they contacted Summit Racing who indicated Derive Systems could get the job done. To further investigate Derive’s innovative technology, Southwest Airlines’ managing engineers met with the Derive Systems team to understand how ECM technology can combat low oil pressure by commanding a higher RPM at idle.

The outcome was mechanical bliss as Southwest engineers observed how Derive hit the mark in raising oil pressure. Beyond this urgent fix for Southwest, Derive Efficiency also provides focused calibration solutions that improve on safety and fuel economy.

“Optimization comes in many forms and while most identify speeding and idle as opportunities for success in the operation of their fleets, it’s important to recognize other areas controlled by the vehicles computer” stated Charlie Mahoney, Business Development Manager for Derive Efficiency.

About Derive Systems

Derive software makes changes to a vehicle’s powertrain calibration allowing it to idle at a lower RPM, meaning less fuel consumption, lower cost and a smaller carbon footprint. More than 60,000 vehicles are on the road using Derive software including fleets from Pepsi, Sears, Safelite Auto Glass and many law enforcement agencies and government municipalities.

About Southwest Airlines

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