Fleet First: Real Solutions to Distracted Fleet Driver Prevention

Forward-focused fleet management insights delivered by Karl Weber, SVP of Enterprise Sales at Derive Systems.

No matter the industry or size of operations, improving fleet safety remains a challenge and a focus for managers of vehicle operations. Thankfully, today’s fleet managers can turn to fleet software to help resolve some of these safety challenges. 

Realizing the negative impact distracted driving can cause, fleet solution vendors have developed and delivered a range of products to help reduce or eliminate this unwanted behavior. And while there are over a handful of options to evaluate, most products can be compared and contrasted between just a couple categories based on product functionality - Monitoring & Alerting and Mobile Lock Down.

Depending on a fleet’s specific goals and organizational structure, one category may be preferable over another. 

Driver Monitoring & Alerting

Within the monitoring and alerting category, products primarily focus on recording the driver behavior by utilizing in-vehicle camera devices. While some products my directly alert fleet managers of a distracted driving incident based on the recording, others can deliver sound alerts to the driver in an attempt to stop behavior as it occurs. 

Additionally, products in this category can also provide fleet management dashboards that hold video recordings and scorecards - both of which can be used for driver coaching and feedback. Though these products do not prevent distracted driving from occurring, they can help visually capture incidents and assist with behavior tracking and analysis. Even, larger name vehicle manufacturers such as Call Me Out by GM are hoping to play in this space by offering mobile app solutions that mitigate distracted driving with phone monitoring and alerting. Though this solution is not fleet specific, it does show just how much of a focus distracted driver prevention is for all of us behind the wheel.  

Mobile Lockdown 

Those who hold iOS mobile devices might be quite familiar with the Do Not Disturb feature developed by Apple. Essentially, once activated within the phone settings, the Do Not Disturb feature will lockdown use to the device when the device is in motion by relying on the GPS within the phone. Similar to Apple’s technology, fleet managers can now use solutions that lockdown a drivers mobile device to prevent distracted driving behavior. 

Product functionality in the mobile lockdown category primarily utilizes in-vehicle hardware paired with a mobile driver app and fleet manager dashboard. Unlike monitoring and alerting, products in this category tend to take a more proactive approach by mitigating or eliminating distracted driving from the source - the phone. Since some products rely on GPS movement readings from an in-vehicle receiver to set mobile lockdown, evaluating how products in this category connect to the vehicle with their hardware can be an important factor to consider. For those wanting to keep phone use restricted at intersections and stop signs, it may be of value to implement a solution that reads the vehicle’s operating gear with a direct vehicle connection versus GPS movement. Furthermore, some options here can customize access to certain phone features such as navigation and emergency calling when the device is in lockdown. By taking a proactive approach, this category delivers a more reliable solution to preventing distracted driving. For those looking for a solution that enhances the safety of their operations, there are many options including Derive VQ

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