Fleet driver recruitment tips and tricks

It’s back to school time for the kids and with fall fast approaching, it also seems like the time for a fresh start for many in the workforce.

We all know that driver turnover is a constant challenge in fleet management, and with Freight Waves magazine reporting that it costs on average $11,500 per driver for turnover, it’s a costly challenge at that. Address this opportunity head on with ways to find and hire better drivers.

In this blog post, we’re covering tactics you can use in your driver recruitment strategy to keep your fleet’s operations running smoothly.

Fleet driver recruitment tips

Let’s start with getting drivers in the door with these four tactics for recruiting drivers for your fleet.

Sell your company: Make your first impression with potential drivers a good one! Partner with your marketing department, IT, or HR to have a well-built careers page on the website so drivers can learn everything they need to about your company and the position.

Include information about benefits, the company culture and goals, social proof like employee testimonials, and links to your social media channels. LinkedIn and Altimeter Group reports that companies active on social are 58% more likely to attract top talent and 20% of those employees are more likely to stay.

Make it easy for the candidate to picture themselves in your company and how they can have an impact and successful career there.

The top three things jobseekers are looking for:

1. Compensation package

2. Professional development

3. Opportunities for advancement

Nail the interview:  While it’s important to make sure the candidate is a good fit skills-wise, it’s also important to make sure they’re a good fit culturally. Set up time multiple people across the organization, show them around or take them for a test drive in their vehicle so they have a better understanding of their day-to-day work environment.

Be sure to communicate after the interview is over about next steps and their application status. With review sites like Glassdoor and Google reviews, you want to ensure every point of contact remains professional respectful to keep your reputation positive.

Have thorough onboarding: Once a driver agrees to come on board, the next step is a thorough onboarding experience and training. Use video-based coaching, in-the-field training, as well as a mentorship program to help them learn what’s expected of them and how to do the job correctly.

Explain the career paths available to them: Most employees want to know how they can advance in an organization and work toward growing as a professional. Set clear career paths and engage them in conversations about their future to help create a plan they can follow.

Check back next week for part two where we'll share tips for retaining driver in your fleet!

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