Derive VQ Platform: Mission Control Dashboard

Developed to create an easy way for fleet managers and operations staff to manage costs, driver performance and vehicle productivity, the Derive Mission Control dashboard delivers key performance insights and operational information within one, intelligent, user-friendly visual center. Customizable and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, fleet managers as well as supporting departments can now monitor the insights they need, when they need that information, from wherever they are.


Derive Mission Control Dashboard

Easy to understand fleet performance analytics help improve fleet management at every level of the organization. With Derive’s Mission Control Dashboard, difficulty monitoring productivity and delivering updates to operational management are no longer experienced. An intuitive, clean, modern design delivers regional, divisional and individual fleet performance data in highly visual charts and geographical mapping. For those needing traditional reports, Derive insights can be exported from the dashboard for further analysis.

GPS Information: Improve routing and customer appointment scheduling with real-time vehicle location and direction of movement insights and alerts. Experience an added level of security with the ability to know where vehicles are after hours and prevent the possibility of fleet vehicle theft. 


Driver Productivity: Gain visibility into what each driver’s day consisted of with information on miles driven, number of trips completed and time spent idling. Integration into workforce management tools provide improvements to driver-level performance. Productivity performance by shift and by driver are examples of insights made accessible via integration.

Driver Safety: Monitor harsh acceleration, braking and seatbelt use on each vehicle. Receive accident notifications and speeding alerts to determine which drivers need safety coaching – a preventative approach to mitigating unwanted fleet accidents.

Fuel Efficiency: Utilize valuable idle stats and usage charts by fleet vehicle or driver to control fuel cost budgeting. Views at the summary level provide quick checks while team comparison charts and idle time per trip, per driver deliver precise details should any questionable costs need to be sorted.

Vehicle Health: Receive maintenance code readings to access vehicle health efficiently and address issues to keep fleet vehicles running safely and in top condition.

In conjunction with Derive’s unique Active Telematics capabilities via the Derive VQ platform, the Derive Mission Control Dashboard provides a holistic solution, pulling insights and action together. Not only can managers view high-level performance or individual vehicle or driver information, but they can also view the impact of applied vehicle performance upgrades. Such visibility allows managers to determine the effectiveness of the vehicle upgrades made with Active Telematics and take action if needed. With this level of detail and vehicle optimization capability, tracking progress and meeting specific performance benchmarks is more attainable than ever.


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