Derive at Google Next 19: Building a disruptive automotive software

Everything is going smart these days: Our phones, our homes, our appliances, so why is the biggest appliance in our lives also one of the least smart, connected, or integrated?

We drive our car off the lot as is, even though each of us has a very different use planned for our vehicles. In our days of everything being smart and adaptable to our needs, we customize our computers, our phones, our houses’ security, and so on, yet we seem to forget about customizing our automobile’s performance for our specific needs.

Our vehicles are running on old technology that never gets smarter and changing driver behavior can be time-consuming and costly. We could be making existing vehicles safer, lowering their carbon footprint, and reducing the cost of transportation today by upgrading the software of our vehicles. It’s zero effort and a guaranteed reward.

Learn how Derive is doing that through a partnership with Google Cloud Platform by watching the recent session at Google Next ’19.