December 2019 fleet news roundup

We can’t believe it’s already time to share the last fleet news roundup post of 2019! In December, we saw a lot of news coverage on telematics data, fleet safety, and the future of fleet and 2020 prep. In case you missed them, here are our picks for the top five articles in fleet news this month.

11 things to know to stay out of trouble with final ELD deadline

The deadline has arrived and it’s time to use ELD for driver hours of service – read up on everything you need to know to be compliant with  the federal mandate.

5 ways to prepare your fleet for 2020

Are your fleet operations ready for 2020? Find out by reviewing our five ways to set your fleet up for success in the coming year.

Podcast: Talking autonomous trucks and the focus on the customer with Kenworth’s Kevin Baney

Interested in the future of fleet? Hear the predictions and trends that Kevin Baney, Kenworth general manager, is watching when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

Cutting costs in your fleet 

Read up on three tips and tricks for reducing your fleet’s costs, from regular business expenses to maintenance costs, to maximize your revenue in 2020 and beyond. 

The story is in the data 

Learn how to collect and combine important data about your fleet’s operations, driver behavior, and costs for better analysis and to make better, data-backed decisions. Every piece of data is trying to tell you a story and it’s our job to understand it.

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