April 2019 fleet news roundup

April brings to mind eco-friendly fleet initiatives, spring cleaning, and summer operations preparation, and our industry news had some good articles on these topics. In case you missed them, here are our picks for the top five articles in fleet news for April.

Best auto technology and fleet industry news of April

Derive’s highlights of the 2019 NAFA Institute and Expo

NAFA’s 2019 fleet conference focused on the theme of “Moving at the Speed of Innovation” and they delivered with more than 40 educational sessions and expert panels on best practices, strategy development, and looking to the future of fleet management. Check out our seven highlights of the event!

NAFA also took the time to interview Charlie, the NAFA Membership Chair and Business Development rep at Derive, to discuss membership benefits and Derive’s solutions for fleet managers – check out the Facebook Live video:

How fleets are reducing fuel spend in 2019

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas prices are expected to come down this summer, but fleet managers shouldn’t be watching gas prices every single day to manage their budgets appropriately. Learn some best practices other fleet managers are using to reduce their fuel spend this year.

5 reasons for your fleet to go green this Earth Day

Do you know five big benefits of your fleet going green? From better budgeting to reducing CO2 emissions, there’s never a bad time to go green in your fleet but it’s an especially cool initiative around Earth Day.

4 ways to help prevent employee turnover this season

Finding good employees is half the battle, keeping them happy and productive is the other half. Learn four great tips for keeping your employees happy this season and ideas on how you can take action today.

Understanding and avoiding distracted driving

Read four tips for avoiding distracted driving as part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. These tips include easy adjustments and the three kinds of distractions to be aware of while having drivers on the road.

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Image by Andrys Stienstra from Pixabay