5 reasons for your fleet to go green this Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day we’re putting the spotlight on the benefits of vehicle software upgrades and their impact on the environment and improvements in sustainability efforts. We’ve all learned the three R’s of any green initiative: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

But let’s take it a bit further and talk about the five big benefits of focusing on sustainability in fleet management. With some basic engine calibrations and data analysis, you can be running a more fuel-efficient fleet and reducing your fleet's carbon footprint. 

So, what are the five reasons your fleet should go green this Earth Day?

Better route planning and scheduling

With telematics insights, you can use your data to map out shorter, more efficient routes for your drivers. This not only reduces fuel usage and puts less people on the road who will be idling in congested traffic and wasting gas, but also improves your drivers’ productivity.

Improved idling

With some simple tweaks with your vehicle software, you can reduce fuel usage while your drivers are idling. Our clients have seen idle reductions in park/neutral of up to 25% and idle RPM reductions of up to 10% while driving, meaning fewer emissions going into the atmosphere. For one client, their sustainability efforts in improving fuel efficiency is turning into $7.5 million in fuel cost savings.

Advanced active fuel management 

Customizing your fleet vehicles’ engines, you can improve the automobile’s use of gas in harsh driving behaviors, like jackrabbit starts, slamming on the brakes, as well as using a speed governor. Speed governors keep your drivers within the speed limits, and keeps their fuel use in check. Constant speeding equals more gas which equals more emissions harming the environment. These enhancements can improve fuel usage by at least 6 – 8% and reduce risky driving behavior and keep your drivers and others on the road safer.

Bonus benefit of speed governors: Savings on the cost of accidents! One of our clients is anticipating $400K in savings with fewer costly accidents. Not only can that money be redistributed across the fleet, but its environmental impact is important too: No need for tow trucks driving out to get your vehicle and there’ll be no need for new parts to be manufactured or shipped to the auto shop for repairs. 

Budget reallocation

With lower fuel costs, managers can reallocate those costs to other eco-friendly fleet initiatives, improved preventative maintenance practices, or put it into driver training or driver incentive programs for those who embody your fleet’s sustainability goals.

Expand your savings when you install vehicle software upgrades as many commercial auto policies offer discounts and savings for fleets using GPS tracking or telematics solutions.

Environmental impacts of telematics

There are some excellent additional environmental impacts by tuning your engines to your fleet’s specific mission and using software to manage your fleet. It helps your office go paper-free, with better route planning there’s less wear and tear on the local roads, extending their life and reducing the need for future, expensive road maintenance, and with a quality preventative maintenance system in place repairs are less costly and there are no wasted parts in your shop.

Even basic engine calibrations can reduce the carbon footprint of any-sized fleet and go a long way in preserving and protecting our Earth.

See what improved fuel efficiency in your fleet could look like in terms of dollars with our savings calculator!