5 myths about fleet management solutions you need to ignore

We see you. The fleet managers that are putting away buyer’s guides because you think you don’t need new tools or tech.

Stop ignoring those buyer’s guides and start ignoring these fleet management solutions myths instead!

Every fleet, every single fleet, can benefit from today’s great array of upgrades and software on the market. From Fleet Management Companies (FMCs) to telematics providers, there are solutions that are tailored to help you run your business better.

Let’s debunk five myths about fleet management solutions so you can see the truth of how your fleet can benefit.

Myth #1: My fleet is too small

Try again. No matter the size of your fleet you can always have an extra hand and an extra set of eyes, even AI eyes, looking for ways to improve operations and cut costs.

Is your fleet too small to map out more efficient routes, reduce fuel waste and costs, or collect data about your day-to-day operations? We didn’t think so.

Myth #2: My fleet can’t afford it

Can your fleet afford to ignore the long-term savings? Many fleet solutions have quick turnarounds on ROI, some paying for themselves in just a few months, as well as farsighted goals for cost savings and operational improvements.

Today’s fleet technology is designed with the future in mind. These solutions aren’t a one-time use and you’re done, these are solutions that are ready for the long haul and ready to continue to provide ROI.  

Myth #3: I don’t have time for it

There may be some time required up front to set up a new system, but once you’ve introduced new software or tech to your fleet it’ll run behind the scenes and free you up to take care of other responsibilities.

Most solutions offer simple interfaces and installation processes, as well as thorough training and support documentation to make sure you’re maximizing your use of the tool.

Myth #4: They’re all the same

On the surface it seems like a good argument but do us a favor and look at your phone. How many different apps do you have that are similar in function? Perhaps you have Facebook and Twitter, they’re both social media apps so why do you need both?

In reality, there are so many categories of fleet management solutions out there. Maybe you just want GPS, maybe you just want speed limiters, maybe you just want dash cams.

Each solution has different features and functionalities, they may be in the same category, but how you use each to make your fleet’s operations better can differ. You get to pick and choose the solutions that meet your needs and help you achieve your business goals.

Myth #5: My employees will think I don’t trust them

We hear you, some solutions can feel intrusive or it seems like you’re invading your drivers’ privacy. But, it all comes down to why you’re installing it. Let’s go with the dash cam example above, and you’re installing them to exonerate drivers from accidents. Or, you’re using Derive’s Distracted Driver Prevention™ to lock driver’s phones while they’re driving because you want each of your employees to be focused on driving and get home to their families each night.

Tell your employees why these changes are happening and how it benefits them. This new solution can help plan more efficient routes, it can improve fuel efficiency so they spend less time filling up or having to cut the engine to save gas, or it keeps them safe on the job.

Many of these tools provide insightful and valuable information to make your employees’ jobs easier and streamline operations. We think everyone can get on board with that.  

It’s time to let these misconceptions about fleet management solutions get left in the dust as you move your fleet forward in a tech-friendly direction.

If you’re specifically looking at telematics, be sure to read our blog on how to pick a telematics solution for your fleet.

Want to learn more about Derive’s fleet management solutions? Contact us so we can learn more about your fleet and what options are best to help you achieve your goals.