Derive’s highlights of the 2019 NAFA Institute and Expo

From autonomous vehicles to technological advancements, NAFA truly stuck to their theme of moving at the speed of innovation at their 2019 Institute and Expo.

With more than 40 educational sessions for fleet managers in the business, government, and law enforcement industries, NAFA is a fleet conference any fleet manager should attend. This year, they had tracks on professional development, best practices, strategy, supplier, tactics, and the future. It was a great, action-packed conference with excellent sessions and a bustling tradeshow floor.

Some of the highlights of NAFA for Derive included:

  • Understanding where the fleet industry is going in terms of safety, specifications, and sustainability as well as discussing proven, practical solutions for fleet managers in these areas in the utility workshop
  • Tips for fleet professionals on how to reduce our carbon footprint and moving toward fewer and zero emissions. With a big focus on fuel efficiency at Derive, this session was especially great. 
  • Promoting good and safe driving behaviors, identifying bad habits, and putting processes in place to remove bad habits from your fleet drivers’ behaviors. At Derive, we know how effective speed governors are in eliminating the lead foot tendency of many drivers!
  • The crash course on decision making in the fleet industry and how to strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders and streamline the process to make better profits
  • Strategically optimizing your fleet for cost savings, both short- and long-term solutions
  • Chris Riddell’s keynote on current and future technologies and how they impact fleets and their operations
  • The Future of Fleet panel, which covered emerging trends that fleet managers should keep on their radar – things we’ll also be keeping on ours!  We also enjoyed that they covered distracted driving and safety initiatives. 

There were so many good sessions it’d be impossible to cover them all here, but we were paying close attention to the sessions on sustainability, technology, and fleet management trends.

NAFA also interviewed Derive's Charlie Mahoney during the event to discuss membership benefits and what Derive offers fleet managers, like our speed governor and fuel efficient-focused vehicle software upgrades. Watch his interview:

 We had a great time at the 2019 NAFA Institute and Expo and can’t wait for 2020’s event. We hope to see you there!

While we start our countdown to next year’s event, why don’t you take the time to download our whitepaper and learn how you can save up to 30% in fleet fuel costs!