Derive VQ: Active Telematics

Today’s telematics solutions undoubtedly power the collection and analysis of data that help fleet managers generate insights and improvements in their fleets. Information related to vehicle use, such as fuel use, vehicle maintenance warnings, GPS tracking, and speed can be garnered via telematics for the purpose of improving operational performance.

Despite the value of data accessibility and visibility, there is an obvious and well-recognized gap between the insight-driven improvements a fleet manager sets out and the desired outcome being achieved. For example, a fleet manager utilizing a telematics solution to keep drivers’ speeds within safe and efficient ranges needs to rely on driver incentive programs and trainings to effectuate any compliance, which may or may not result in expected changes. Until now.

Analytics and reliance on drivers alone can only do so much. With the goal of proactively improving fleet performance, Derive deploys its unique ability to make active, vehicle-centric changes that couple with existing vehicle telematics technology to provide fleets with an effective and holistic solution – going far beyond traditional telematics.

Derive VQ ® : The Active Telematics™ Solution
By combining insights alongside action, Derive can safely enhance fleet vehicle performance to deliver improvements to fuel use, safety and fleet productivity. Now, vehicle owners, operators and fleet managers can manage how their vehicle operates so that the experience is tailored to their needs or job requirements. Operational features such as idle time and fuel usage during idle can be customized to fit the purpose of the vehicle or the preference of the fleet manager: imagine, a vehicle automatically shuts off after a pre-determined idle time. Additional safety functionality can also be activated to prevent the vehicle from starting before seatbelts are fastened. The Derive Mission Control dashboards unite these performance upgrades with telematics to fuel the insight > active optimization > insight > active optimization flywheel.

Insights via data capture: The Derive VQ device reads vehicle performance data directly from the vehicle. Speed, direction of movement, diagnostic trouble codes, idle time and more can all be obtained from the fleet vehicle and then read through the Derive Mission Control dashboard.

Action via Active Telematics: Unlike standard telematics solutions, Derive’s Active Telematics solution applies information gained from the vehicle to improve the way the vehicle operates. Upgrades to the vehicle’s control systems are developed and activated based on the insights gathered through the dashboard.

Example Use Cases

  • Fuel Efficiency: the Derive VQ platform reads the vehicle’s idle time. Instead of only reporting it to a dashboard, the device activates engine shutoff after a manager-determined amount of time, thereby immediately improving fuel efficiency when the vehicle is idling unnecessarily.

  • Productivity: Reading the vehicle’s location, direction of movement and speed can determine if the vehicle is operating within job requirements and able to complete jobs on-time. By integrating with workforce management systems, improvements to routing and productivity are provided to the driver directly through the Derive VQ app and without the involvement or assistance of the fleet manager. Compliance and service standards are thereby achieved through the vehicle itself rather than the driver.

  • Safety: Mitigating aggressive driving can help avoid accidents and bad corporate reputation. Derive VQ transforms readings of vehicle speed, acceleration, and braking into applied preventative vehicle optimizations that limit speed and torque so that drivers operate safely during every part of their shift.

The Derive VQ platform’s Active Telematics can improve fleet operations, diminishing costs and augmenting safety and efficiency, providing value far beyond telematics data capture solutions. What once required first analysis and then training, carrots, and sticks to acheive results now happens instantaneously and intelligently – a significant difference when selecting the right solution for fleet management.

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